I‘m Eddie, a 29 year old entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts. I am driven by the ample opportunity life has to offer and believe that within each person exists the components to build an empire; to do something truly significant.

As a D1 athlete, the importance of a strong mindset has been instilled in me for years. I learned quickly that the right mentality is not only essential to success in your sport, but that the way you see the world around you dictates your level of achievement in every aspect of life. This is something that I have taken with me through higher education, my time in the corporate world, and now onto my entrepreneurial ventures. It is the foundation upon which I have been able to build my success.

About Your World Within
I am blessed to be able to do what I do every day. There is no question about that. The opportunity to share my thoughts and perspective with people living all over the globe is beyond fulfilling. From the speeches and articles I write, to the weekly videos I create, to the wonderful people I am fortunate enough to coach, every word spoken is an opportunity to paint the world in a new light; to help others see things in ways they previously had not. There is always another level to reach, and I find great joy in helping others achieve it.

The intent of Your World Within is to create a platform that empowers you to look deeper within yourself and rise to the level of excellence that exists within you. Through it, I seek to provide the tools that enable you to conquer the biggest obstacle you will ever face during your time here on earth; yourself. Once you have accomplished this, the sky is the limit.

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Speaking Topics

  • Become the Author of Your Own Story

    How to build momentum and increase productivity

  • Find Your Passion and Capitalize

    The strategies, methods and mindset behind transforming your passion into profit

  • Win the Battle of the Mind

    How to reshape your outlook and get more out of life

The lineation of passion and effort will open any door in the world.Eddie Pinero

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