3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals

There is a saying that getting what you want is simple, but not easy. This simplistic nature comes from the fact that the path to success is not intricate or hidden away. In fact, it parks itself in plain site, consistently daring you to seek it out. But just like the ability to see the finish line does not imply you will cross it, knowing the path to success does not suggest you will achieve it. It is the execution of the climb, race, or pursuit that ultimately determines the outcome. As human beings operating in a lightning fast society where social norms and expectations guide our every move, it is this inability to execute that holds us back. We have the pieces to the puzzle in hand, but are often unable to put it together.   I am going to provide three simple strategies that will help you create momentum and achieve your goals.

3 Keys to Achieving Your Goals

Eliminate the Victim Mentality – We all have a tendency to play the role of the victim from time to time. Whether things aren’t going well at work, with a relationship, in athletics, or any other environment, when we fall short of expectations we have a tendency to hang our heads and ask the universe, “Why?” This mentality can be traced back to our youth, when self-pity and sympathy were how we dealt with misfortune.

The reality is that this way of thinking is never advantageous. Ever. In fact it is often the biggest obstacle we face. To get what you want, you have to understand that failure is inevitable, but progress is not. While most complain and seek sympathy under these circumstances, the successful know that they are in complete control. If you fall off the bike you can pout, or you can jump right back on and pedal faster. Victims put their fate in the hands of the universe. Victors take control. Never be the victim.

Leverage Your Strengths – Everyone has strengths. On the other hand, everyone has weaknesses as well. I think this is universally accepted. There is also a common misconception that one’s weaknesses are worthy of their time and effort.  After all, no one wants to be sub par in anything if it can be avoided, and practice makes perfect. However, I disagree with this notion. I believe that to focus on anything other than your strengths is a waste of the precious resources you’ve been afforded. Here’s why:

I’m the first to admit that I am mediocre when it comes to math. I did fine in school, worked hard and got through calc, trig, and all that other jazz. It enabled me to graduate. If I decided I wanted to pursue math for a living (as a professor, etc) I’m sure I could have done so. I would have had to work like a mad man and dedicated every second of every day to the craft. Here is the kicker; someone who is naturally gifted in mathematics could have put in less work and would have produced results far superior to my capabilities. The impact of their output would more than likely have surpassed mine. If math were a passion and something I loved, fine. I’d be ok with that result.

However, I am a believer that life is too short to exhaust time and energy on mediocrity. I believe my talent lies on the creative side of the spectrum, writing, speaking, composing, etc. Therefore, focusing on those things has allowed me to separate myself from others. Not only do I enjoy the work, but the idea of doing business in a realm in which I excel adds additional fuel to the fire.

Furthermore, you probably wouldn’t know Steve Jobs’ name if he decided to be an actor, Michael Jordan’s if he chose to be a physicist, or Neil Armstrong’s if he proclaimed himself a painter. It is when dedication meets talent that there are fireworks.

Position Yourself to Win – A lot of us talk about our goals, dreams and ambition, but unfortunately talk is often where they stay. Achieving your goals is about taking action. Success is not dictated by your game plan, idea, or strategy. While they may constitute the vehicle, you are still in need of the engine that makes the car go. To put it into context, hundreds of thousand of social media apps have been prototyped and designed. Only a handful have become relevant. If ideas were the be all end all, a Mark Zuckerberg would live in every neighborhood. This clearly is not the case.

You can however, increase the likelihood of achieving your goals by casting out the things that are in your way. Sounds simple, right? When you want something, there is obvious benefit to removing the clutter and unnecessary obstacles in your way. The thing is, change is never a cakewalk. Doing so requires discipline and often letting go of the good to prepare yourself for the great. In order to execute on all cylinders you need to be operating with a well-oiled machine. Simplify your life and build around the necessary components.  While it may be difficult at first, you certainly will not be disappointed in the long run.

By Eddie Pinero @eddiepinero2