Am I Good Enough? – Why You Are Asking The Wrong Question

Why do you question your aptitude? What value is derived from wondering whether you’re good enough? These questions may be common from person to person, they may occur without conscious effort or intention, but the reality is, they do nothing positive for you. When you attempt to define/quantify your ability, you are writing and internalizing a fake narrative. This is a big deal, as these self-scripted storylines tend to dictate how people live their lives, producing walls, chains, and limitations that simply do not exist.

Therefore, the question to be asked is not whether you possess the capacity to transform a dream into reality. It is whether you want it badly enough to make the transition occur. Desire, persistence, and tenacity have an interesting way of enhancing aptitude and increasing ability. There is no greater teacher than experience and no better means of improvement than the journey itself. Just as an infant does not initially possess the ability to walk, you may be ill equipped to succeed right out of the gate. However, this isn’t indicative of aptitude. It is simply one phase of many. Success stems from the ability to crawl, stand up, fall, walk, fall again, and continue this mundane process until you can eventually run.

Due to this arduous requirement, it is easy to understand why natural ability is trumped by ones desire to fight through discomfort. Talent is obviously a good thing and certainly advantageous, but is equivalent to having an umbrella during a hurricane. If you can’t handle the ups and downs, if you aren’t willing to navigate around and persevere through everything life throws at you, you will succumb to the elements.

So remove the inferiority complex and the doubt from your psyche. They are overlooking a simple truth: if you want something bad enough you will get it. You will get it because “no” will not be an option, opposition will not be enough to deter you, and your will to succeed will be stronger than your reason to give up. All you need to ask is whether such a price is justifiable. How bad do you want to succeed? That is what matters.

By Eddie Pinero @eddiepinero2