Good Vs Great

Good and great aren’t all that different.  In fact, they’re incredibly similar, sharing commonalities that stretch from work ethic to resilience; from self confidence to adaptability.  And while at first glance they may appear indistinguishable, there is, when one looks hard enough, a glaring difference:

“Good” takes what it’s given and makes something of it.  “Great” takes what it isn’t given and makes something of it.

Being great is largely a matter of shaping a result when one isn’t presented to you.  It’s making something out of nothing; turning a power outage at your concert into an a cappella performance that fans remember forever (see Andy Grammer).  It’s being turned down for a job at Facebook and starting a revolutionary app on your own (see Brian Acton & Whatsapp).

Great is exactly what you want it to be, because regardless of the pieces you’re given, that is the puzzle you’re going to put together.  It is your finish line.

Sure, utilize the good.  But most importantly, construct the great.

– Eddie