The Power of Choice – Why Success Is A Decision

I‘ve been thinking a lot about the choices that we make every day.  What foods we eat, the level of physical activity we engage ourselves in, what time we wake up in the morning, what time we go to bed, what media we consume daily, and those sorts of things.

This, in turn, lead my attention to a message shared in many TED talks and discussed by motivational speakers in hundreds of speeches, books, and self-development courses: How you feel is a choice.

It seems daunting, because the mind is trained to react to certain situations in a certain way.

Your car dies on the highway?  You get upset.

You fail a test?  You get mad at yourself.

You sleep in and end up late for work?  You get worried.

These are all things that happen to millions of people every day.

You can either react instinctively to the negative things in your life with further negativity, OR you can CHOOSE to embrace these experiences in a different way.

This train of thought led me down another path: Why do people CHOOSE to live lives that they’re not happy with?

Why do people CHOOSE to smoke, even when they know it’s bad for them?

Why do people CHOOSE to procrastinate on the schoolwork that they KNOW is crucial to accomplishing their goals?

Why is McDonalds still making billions of dollars, even when EVERYONE KNOWS  it’s unhealthy?

Why do people work 9-5 without happiness/satisfaction?

Where is the drive for this behavior?

What I’m trying to get at today is that life is in your control.  What you value, what you believe in, what you do every day isn’t determined by someone else.  It doesn’t matter what your parents/friends/family tells you.  YOU have the ability to control your destiny.  MAKE THE CHOICE!

HOWEVER, it is not my responsibility to tell you HOW to make that choice or WHAT to do next in order to make your dreams/goals/desires become a reality.  Do some research, understand that genuine change takes time, and take small steps to make that possible.

You can make anything you want to happen, happen.  Happiness, love, wealth, health, material items, etc.

Just make the choice.



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