Deciding to Succeed – Men’s Pair 2000 Olympics


I believe that winning is a choice.  It is a lifestyle, and because it encompasses so much, cannot be condensed or reduced to a single moment.  From the outside looking in, we see the success story; the medal, the award, the breakthrough performance.  We don’t see the fight.  We don’t see the ups and downs, the pain, and the decision to push through regardless of circumstance.  That is why, when one comes across a tangible representation of this mentality, I believe it should be embraced, studied, and cherished.  Very rarely is one able to witness a performance that epitomizes all the qualities of the ultimate competitor.  The persistence, the focus, the self belief, the physical preparation, mental toughness, and execution all displayed in one instant.  I hope you have ten minutes to watch what I believe to be one of the all time best demonstrations of these characteristics.  The French pair in this video has been and will forever be implanted in my mind.  When having even the slightest moment of self doubt, I am reminded that circumstances don’t dictate success.  One’s perception of them does.  I hope this two thousand meter race can help guide you to the same realization.